window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; window.dataLayer.push({ 'event': 'view_item_list', 'item_list_id': '411295154417', 'item_list_name': 'No rinse', 'items': [ { 'item_id': '7601654759665', 'item_name': 'Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Hair Tonic 120ml | Including red ginseng, Lingzhi to provide scalp nutrition, it is the last step of hair care', 'item_category': '精華', 'price': '19.0' }, { 'item_id': '7886866579697', 'item_name': 'Dr.FORHAIR Folligen All-round Care Set', 'item_category': '套裝', 'price': '101.0' }, { 'item_id': '7869594435825', 'item_name': 'UNOVE Silk Oil Essence | Create silky soft hair for damaged hair', 'item_category': '精華', 'price': '22.0' }, { 'item_id': '7869604135153', 'item_name': 'UNOVE Volume Up Curling Essence 147ml | Creates thick, curling hair that is hydrated, supple and long lasting', 'item_category': '精華', 'price': '22.0' }, { 'item_id': '7602368545009', 'item_name': 'Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Cleansing Cotton Swabs 6ml | Contains apple cider vinegar, 1 minute hair wash and bath', 'item_category': '棉花棒', 'price': '2.0' }, { 'item_id': '7782937624817', 'item_name': ' Mellow Touch Leave-in Protein Hair Balm 250ml | Replenishes damaged and depleted hair, rebuilds hair elasticity', 'item_category': '潤髮乳', 'price': '21.0' }, { 'item_id': '7942933577969', 'item_name': 'OROOT Vegan Clay Pomade 60ml | Soft Hold and Natural Shine for Natural, Effortless Looks', 'item_category': '髪泥', 'price': '19.0' }, { 'item_id': '7942934102257', 'item_name': 'OROOT Vegan Curl Cream 60ml | Detangles and revitalizes loose, curly hair', 'item_category': '精華', 'price': '19.0' }, { 'item_id': '7942917325041', 'item_name': 'OROOT Vegan Matte Hair Wax 60ml | Hair wax with strong hold and dry texture', 'item_category': '髪蠟', 'price': '19.0' }, { 'item_id': '7864724521201', 'item_name': 'Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Fresh Tonic 100ml | A hair care product that keeps the scalp fresh and suppresses sebum', 'item_category': '精華', 'price': '21.0' }, ] }); No Rinse | Chyaaa .com - Personal Care & Beauty Store

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No rinse

You don't want get wet still can be achieve cleaning and care effects. No-rinse products provide instant and convenient ways, which are very suitable for people who need to move around for a long time.

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