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Sensitive Scalp

Utilize natural ingredients to create moist, shiny, and light-refreshing hair boost the volume, and make it naturally curly. Phyto Therapy lines are confirmed by EWG green grade and provide comprehensive care for the scalp through purification solutions.

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Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Fresh洗髪乳
Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Fresh洗髪乳濃厚泡泡
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Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Fresh頭皮深層清潔液
Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Fresh頭皮深層清潔液 沿著頭皮唧下使用

Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Fresh Scalp Scaler 200ml | Water type deep cleaning


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Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Therapy洗髮乳
Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Therapy洗髮乳 500ml 新款,, 充滿濃厚泡沫
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