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Melixir is the first vegan skincare brand in Korea, extending the vegan concept into skincare products to transform the unhealthy skincare and cosmetic industry with mindful skincare processes to remove unnecessary ingredients and use pure botanicals to make the healthiest ingredients.

100% Vegan Skincare

Melixer is Korea's first vegan skincare brand, extending the vegan concept to skincare to transform the unhealthy skincare and cosmetics industry.

Mindful Skin Care

Remove unnecessary ingredients and use clean, plant-based ingredients to make the healthiest ingredients.

made from plants

Made of natural wood, sugar cane and green tea, it relieves the burden on our body and nature.

melixir 純素AirFit防曬霜

Melixir vegan AirFit sunscreen 50ml | SPF50 + PA ++++ light as air non-greasy sunscreen


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melixir 純素泡沫潔面乳

Melixir Vegan Clarifying Foam Cleanser 100ml | Sellable long powder oil sensitive skin


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melixir 純素潤唇膏
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Vegan Skincare

Melixer is a 100% vegan skincare that uses premium botanical ingredients to manufacture products without any animal-derived ingredients, and is certified vegan cosmetic by PETA in the US.

Innovative Technology

To create healthy products, Melixer is based entirely on science and innovation. Based on world-class botanical processing technology, Melixer combines skin-effective botanicals with carefully selected and safe artificial ingredients to create the most effective skin products.

Use sustainable materials

From manufacturing to end-of-use, Melixer thinks about how people and nature can be healthier and more sustainable.Using recyclable materials and materials made through sustainable forest management is gradually changing what we can do for future generations.

可持續的 FSC 材料

Sustainable FSC Materials

Protect forests for future generations and benefit local economies using FSC-certified materials obtained through sustainable forest management


ECOCERT and USDA certified raw materials

Squalane oil extracted from sugar cane, which has passed the US USDA organic certification and ECOCERT certification, is the highest quality raw material. Melixir's facial oil contains 92% squalane oil.


Boseong grows 100% plant-based clean green tea leaves

Melixer's Green Tea Extract is made from organic green tea leaves carefully picked in Boseong.Formulated to maximize the potency of the active ingredients by prescribing high levels of green tea solids, filtered through high-temperature extraction, and then aged for approximately 24 hours.

melixir 產品包括: 潔面, 防曬, 潤唇膏, 爽膚水和精華