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High Dose Treatment | Purcell uses advanced science and technology to provide a high-dose, high-purity treatment method to solve skin problems.

High Purity, High Functionality, Authentic Verification

We formulate high-purity, unique ingredients derived from intensive research and test them directly on the skin under strict conditions to confirm their effectiveness.
PixcellBiom™ / Peptide Formula

Full of Persistence and Technology

Achieve transformations beyond the limits of your skin and achieve trustworthy and powerful skin care products based on rigorous verification.

If you are using "mild" skin care products, but your skin feels more and more sensitive, or if you use the "correct" ingredients but they don't work, is there something wrong with your skin?

High Dose Treatment

Genuinely helpful skin care products must be effective not just because they are gentle or soothing.

Pixcell Biom™

The power of 2 billion probiotics per ml to build skin protective barrier

Peptide formula

Low molecular collagen improves wrinkles


Excellent antioxidant capacity, prevents melanin production and improves freckles